The Best Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D3, or cholecalciferol, which is the optimal form when considering the best vitamin D supplements, is one of the most important vitamins for humans.  It has so many functions in the body, it is not really considered simply a vitamin, but also a pro-hormone. 

Vitamin D3, which is the form of vitamin D most similar to the form made in our bodies, comes primarily from animal sources, like fatty fish and eggs. 

Some of the functions are listed below. 

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Bone Health from the Best Vitamin D Supplements

One of the many benefits of having adequate vitamin D3 is it helps increase the absorption of calcium in our intestines. This is critical for many functions in the body since calcium is needed in many metabolic pathways. 

We all know our bone, and teeth health require adequate calcium levels. Having a strong body framework, i.e., our bones, sets up our overall health and reduces the risk for bone disease, like osteoporosis. 

Vit D and Immune
System Support   

With so much attention in the world going toward immunity and our body's ability to fight off infections, we absolutely need to consider how important the best vitamin D supplements are for our immune health. Supporting our body's natural, innate immune response is vastly superior to relying on an external source for protecting.

Vitamin D3 increases the ability of your immune system to function properly, thus enabling our white blood cells to fight off infections.

Specific white blood cells that are potentiated or stimulated by vitamin D include our T cells and macrophages. Macrophages are involved in engulfing substances found in our tissues that are undesirable. 

Vitamin D helps maintain the integrity of our immune system's barrier, which is our epithelial layer of our skin and mucus membranes. 

Mood Regulation: 

Low levels of vitamin D3 have been linked to depression and other mood disorders. Interestingly, our bodies are prompted to make vitamin D when we expose our skin to the sun.  I think it is pretty common knowledge that fresh air and sunshine have a marvelous effect on our moods.  Perhaps the natural increase in vitamin D has a lot to do with this effect. 

There are studies indicating that vitamin d receptors are found on neurological chemicals, or neurotransmitters, for instance Serotonin, which plays a major role in mood.   

Vitamin D is Essential for Heart Health 

There's evidence to suggest that adequate levels of vitamin D3 may help reduce the risk of heart disease. It may contribute to better blood pressure regulation and improved cardiovascular health.

When vitamin D levels are adequate in our bodies, some the cardiovascular benefits include:

lowered blood pressure by way of regulating our fluid and electrolyte balance via the kidneys. 

Improved endothelial lining, the inner layer of our blood vessels.

Reduced inflammation, which goes toward preventing plaque developing in our vessels.

Potentially improving the ability of the heart as a muscle to function.

Cancer Prevention

The best vitamin d supplements have been shown to aid in normalizing the cell division process, helping cells divide properly.  Cancer is largely the result of abnormal, unregulated cell division. In addition, helping the normal cell removal process, apoptosis, function. 

As previously mentioned, vitamin D has anti-inflammatory effects.  This can normalize our immune function and reduce the risk of cancer developing.

Specific types of cancer to potentially be affected by adequate vitamin D levels are colorectal, prostate, and breast. 

There is evidence of vitamin D reducing the growth of blood vessels to cancer cells, halting abnormal cell division, and reducing the ability of cancer cells to metastasize or spread to new places in the body. 


Autoimmune Disorders

There's emerging evidence suggesting that vitamin D3 might play a role in modulating the immune system and could potentially help with autoimmune disorders like multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

The best vitamin D supplements show evidence of modulating our immune system cells.  We develop auto immune issues when our immune cells do not respond to signals to stop their attack and actually attack our own body's cells. Modulation increases with vitamin D, which means the balance is restored. 

Multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis have been shown to improve when low levels of vitamin D are normalized. 

The Best Vitamin D Supplements have an Amazing Effect on Insulin Regulation

The benefits include improving insulin sensitivity, helping the b cells of the pancreas produce insulin, reducing inflammation which is associated with a plethora of diseases including insulin resistance, blood sugar regulation, and skeletal muscle function which uses most of the body's blood glucose.

Improved Respiratory Health

There has been shown improvement with certain lung diseases when Vitamin D levels are adequate.  Additionally, a lowered risk of infection, asthma, COPD, and many other lung diseases are benefits of adequate vitamin D levels. 

Reproductive Health

Vitamin D3 is important for female reproductive health by normalizing menses, fertility, PCOS, and pregnancy, 

In men it increases testosterone and sperm count.

In the developing baby, vitamin D optimizes bone development and immune system function.

Other important details about the Best Vitamin D Supplements.

Excessive vitamin D3 intake can lead to toxicity, so it's important to follow recommended dosages.

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