The Best Supplements For Health
by Dr. Kimberly Wiseman

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Hello and Welcome!

I am so happy to have you here!  Let's consider supplements, our bodies, and why supplementation is needed. After all, consideration of the best supplements for health is of the greatest importance, right? Empowering our bodies to function optimally by providing necessary substances formulated by nature is an incredible gift found in plant medicine. When we utilize this naturally occurring medicine, not only does our body restore and balance, our confidence in our health does as well. 

This space is dedicated to presenting an array of information about why certain supplements are the most important to take for a particular situation.  We will prioritize this discussion about supplements because our health, what we intentionally put into our bodies, i.e. swallow, is of upmost importance. 

This isn't an issue where we can afford to be careless.

Lots of things don't matter nearly as much in the decision-making process as what we put into our bodies.  Our health, and the health of our loved ones, is one of the highest priorities we have.

The decision about what supplements are best, in my opinion, should be carefully considered.  That careful consideration, logical inquiry, and selection of the most effective formulation is the goal here!

On this website, I'd like to discuss:

     Why we take supplements

     Which supplements to take for a desired outcome

     Who should be taking supplements

     How optimal supplements are created

     What is in the best supplements, and what isn't...

Have you ever stopped to consider when you take a supplement, you are actually eating it? I mean, anything we swallow, we eat, right? It is not in our best interest to eat poor quality food.  Ideally, we choose food that is actually grown in fertile soil or raised on the land. This is the formula for our bodies to THRIVE! Our supplements should not be an exception. The ingredients supplements contain should be from what grows in the soil or occurs naturally on the earth.

Laboratory synthesized ingredients found in a majority of the supplements on the market do not belong in our bodies. These ingredients may actually hinder your health because we lack the metabolic pathway to process this foreign substances.   This potentially results in substances stored in fat cells as the best way to deal with the obstacle, or worse. It is a travesty when a supplement consumed for health actually causes harm... This is completely counter intuitive to why we supplement in the first place. 

Please spend time here learning why it makes sense to take the best supplements for health, which supplements are the highest priority, what said supplements should contain or not contain, and where these supplements can be purchased. 

This site is probably going to resonate with folks who are particular about what they eat, and similarly, are interested in finding the best health supplements for their individual situation, just like they are interested in finding healthy, nourishing food. 

Site Organization

The main organizational idea of this site will be in part by body systems, for example:

Cardiovascular: including our heart, vessels, and blood. The diseases of the cardiovascular system, the botanicals (herbs or plants) either singularly or blended to create beneficial supplements focusing on restoring balance and health for the overall circulatory (cardiovascular) system. 

Respiratory: includes our two lungs, the passageways or tubes bringing air into and out of the lungs, and the cavities in our head that open to the outside world allowing air through. Of course, these are our nose and mouth.  

Immune: this system is of upmost importance always but especially in the world we live in today.  Included here are specifically the blood cells, referred to in general as white blood cells, that actually patrol and fight foreign substances or abnormal tissues. There are other critical parts of the immune system which mainly provide protection by creating a barrier.  When we have problems here, we often have soreness and mucus excreted.

Digestive: The organ system is a tube that passes through your body, starting at the mouth and ending at the rump. The function is to intake nutrient rich food, break it down, and absorb what is useful.  That which is not useful is excreted. The saying "we are what we eat" couldn't be more true.  Build a magnificent temple!

Reproductive: including the female and male reproductive organs.  Interestingly, this is the only organ system where we can survive even if it does not function. 

Urinary: our kidneys and the passageways (tubing) for the waste products to be excreted (pass) from our bodies.   The function of the kidneys is to filter the blood, discern waste from important substances, and eliminate the former.  I think the importance of our kidneys is often overlooked.  Proper function of this organ system is critical for health. 

Skin/Lymphatic: the lymphatic system removes fluid from body spaces in support of the cardiovascular and immune systems. The skin, also known as the integumentary system, is our presentation to the world, if you will.  Proper function is often of upmost importance for folks because it is primarily how our fellow humans "see" us. 

Musculoskeletal: our skeletal muscles and our bones are the main tissues here.  Very important for all body functions, especially movement. 

Nervous: our brain, spinal cord, and nerves of the body.  This is command control central. Of upmost importance indeed. 

Endocrine: our hormones, which are chemical messengers, are produced by our endocrine organs.  These messengers travel throughout our bodies and signal, or communicate with our cells, usually instructing the cells to do something differently. 

Within each of these Body systems, we will discuss the optimal function, because that is the goal, of course. We will then have pages dedicated to health issues or diagnosis, and finally, as empowered, health-conscious individuals that we are, the best supplements to consider putting you on the path of optimal health.

Lifestyle considerations will also be included!

The Best Supplements for Health 

Please explore the information found here and utilize the resources providing you the best supplements for health... It may make a world of difference!

To your good health!

Dr. Kimberly Wiseman 

Naturopathic Physician